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Home inspector St-Lambert

Inspection DJD
1104 rue Lautrec, Otterburn Park (QC) J3H 5N6

Looking for a building inspector in St-Lambert or elsewhere on the South Shore? Inspection DJD can help you with a highly professional building inspection service.

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With 30+ years of experience in construction and home renovations, Dennis Donnan is your building inspector for St-Lambert. He is a member of the Québec Association of Home Inspectors (AIBQ) which automatically includes Errors and Omissions Insurance. You may obtain a free estimate by phone for your home inspection in St-Lambert or on the South Shore.

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Building Inspection Services in St-Lambert

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Presale inspection
  • Condo inspection
  • Home inspection in St-Lambert
Home inspector St-Lambert
Home inspector St-Lambert
Home inspector St-Lambert

Contact Inspection DJD for any questions and professional home inspection service in St-Lambert.

Choose Inspection DJD for your Home Inspection

For peace of mind during the most important transaction of your life, inspection is the key!